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At 300.K and 1.00 atm, assume that 25 mL of NO gas reacts with 22 mL of
oxygen gas and excess water to produce nitric acid according to the following
O (g) H O(l) 2 HNO (g)
2NO(g) 3 + 2 + 2 ⎯⎯→ 3 .
If all of the nitric acid produced by this reaction is dissolved into 25 mL of
water, what would be the pH of the resulting solution?
Hint: before you begin, think about which reactant is the limiting reagent.

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    You need to provide an equation which is readable. Most of us on this board write subscripts in regular form; i.e.,
    H2O is written as H2O. We write an exponent, such as 32 = 9 as 3^2 = 9.

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