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Hi, I've been having issues with solving this problem. Could anyone help?

Two blocks, of masses M = 2.0 kg and 2M are connected to a spring of spring constant k = 215 N/m that has one end fixed, as shown in the figure below. The horizontal surface and the pulley are frictionless, and the pulley has negligible mass. The blocks are released from rest with the spring relaxed.

(a) What is the combined kinetic energy of the two blocks when the hanging block has fallen a distance of 0.090 m?

(b) What is the kinetic energy of the hanging block when it has fallen that 0.090 m?

(c) What maximum distance does the hanging block fall before momentarily stopping?


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    Lacking "the figure below", I cannot visualize this problem.

    It looks like an exercise in using conservation of energy, with three types of energy: spring and gravitational potential, and kinetic.

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    That should be the image.

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