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If the yield from the reaction of acetic acid with isopentyl alcohol is 45% how many grams of isopentyl acetate are formed from 3.58g of acetic acid and 4.75g of isopentyl alcohol?

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    1. Write the equation and balance it.
    2a. Convert 3.58 g acetic acid to moles. moles = grams/molar mass
    2b. Convert 4.75 g isopentyl alcohol to mols. Same procedure.

    3a. Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert moles acetic acid to moles of the product.
    3b. Same procedure, convert moles isopentyl alcohol to moles of the product.
    3c. It is likely that moles of the product will be different from 3a and 3b. Obviously, one of them is incorrect. The correct one in limiting reagent problem is ALWAYS the smaller one and the reagent providing that number is the limiting reagent.
    4. Convert moles of the product from step 3c to grams. Grams = moles x molar mass.
    5. The grams in step 4 is the theoretical yield (meaning that is what you would get if you had 100% efficiency. The problem states that the yield is 45%; therefore, multiply the theoretical yield by 0.45. That is the amount of the product at 45% yield.

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