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Hi, I am writing a sentence outline on the subject of World War II; more precisely, the events that led to the war. I am somewhat confused on how to do this on the parts that I need to state and support the argument as well as prepare against any rebuttals or objections. I don't think the proven events can be argued against so I am at a lost. Any hints? Thank you in advance for any help.

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    They may not be controversial, but the subpoints explain the main point.

    For example:

    I. Versailles Treaty
    A. It impoverished Germany.
    B. It caused resentment among the Germans.

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    Here is a really GOOD example of a sentence outline -- not on your topic, but how such an outline should turn out:

    There are many sites here that list and/or explain the events leading to WWII, most of which you have probably found:

    You need to constantly ask questions as you read (re-read) through these lists and explanations. For example, Hitler's beliefs are fairly clear, from early in his life to the end; do you think his thinking was skewed to come to the conclusions he did and therefore his actions? How did this happen? How could things have been different? Or could they? Did all non-Jewish Germans agree with him? What reasons did people have for their actions, whether they agreed with him or not?

    Etc., etc. Ask lots of questions. That's where your rebuttals can come from.

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