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Thank you for your corrections! I wonder if you could possibly have a look at these other sentences on Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. My doubts concern the words preceding the question marks. Thank you very much for being so cooperative.

1) He attacks them and he manages to capture one of the cannibals’ captives, whom he calls Friday, after the day of his rescue.
2) They manage to free Friday’s father, who was being kept (?) prisoner by the cannibals, too.
3)Eventually (?), Robinson returns to England and finds out (?) that his plantation in Brazil has made him very rich.
4) The island turns out to be the ideal place for him to prove his qualities as a coloniser as well as a hero.
5)As a matter of fact, he manages on the one hand (?) to exploit and dominate nature and on the other to shape his own destiny through his work and through the interpretation (?)n Bible and God’s will.
6) Actually, he disobeys his father and he is eventually confined into (?) isolation on a desert island.
7)He uses first-person narration as well as a simple and matter-of-fact language in order to convey an impression of reality.
8) Defoe was born in 1660 into a family of Dissenters and lead a life full of interesting and important events.
9) He wrote political essays and pamphlets until Queen Anne had (?) him arrested, tried and imprisoned because she didn’t like his critical attitude towards the government.
10) In order to be released/freed, he was forced to deny his Whig ideas and became a secret agent for the new government.
11) He started writing novels when he was sixty and he was extremely successful/he became a successful writer.
12) Though still haunted by his creditors, he could afford a comfortable life thanks to the money made from (?) his novels.

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    Good job!


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    pls i need an answer on comprehension on value re-orentation

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