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The heat capacity of a mercury thermometer is approximately equal to the volume immersed in metre cube multiplied by a constant x. If the densities of glass and mercury are 2.40 x 10^3 kgm^-3 and 1.36 x 10^4 kgm^-3 and their specific heat capacities are 800Jkg^-1k^-1 and 140Jkg^-1k^-1 respectively, find the value of x.

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    I do not understand how the heat capacity of a thermomenter depends upon the volume of fluid that you immerse it IN, and why that should be a cubic meter. It will depend upon the volumes, densities and heat capacities of glass and mercury in the bulb of the thermometer. You are not told the volumes.

    I cannot help you with this question; I considered poorly worded.

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