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2. Suppose the DNA molecule were composed of six monomers. In addition to the monomers A, T, C and G, two other monomers, O and P, were present. Furthermore, O and P were known to pair only with each other. Which of following statements regarding this kind of DNA molecule would be accurate?

a. A DNA molecule composed of six monomers could not replicate.

b. If these two additional monomers were present, the DNA molecule would NOT be a polymer.

c. A DNA molecule composed of six monomers would carry less information than one composed of four monomers.

d. A DNA molecule composed of six monomers could replicate.

e. A DNA molecule composed of six monomers would carry the same amount of information as one composed of four monomers.

  1. Fred

    A big ol bottle a win

  2. Anonymous

    i think the correct answer would be b

  3. dd


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