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trig 30

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For csc^2 A-1/cot A csc A, what is the simplest equivalent trig expression? The answers I have to choose from are sin A, cosA, tan A or csc A, but I don't know how?? csc theta= 1/sin theta but its ^2. Help please I don't even no where to begin

  • trig 30 -

    csc^2-1/cotcsc =
    ((1/sin^2)-1)sin/(cos/sin) =
    sin((sin/sin^2)-sin)/(cos) =
    (sin^2/sin^2-sin^2)/cos =
    (1-sin^2)/cos =
    cos^2/cos = cos A

    ((sin^2/sin^2)-sin/(sin^2 cos)

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