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The bottled water industry has become an enormous, multi-billion dollar a year industry.there are some negative impacts of bottled water idustry on enviroment.many of these bottles are recycled by conscientious consumers, most are not, and are ending up in increasingly over-burdened landfills.Tap water is far less expensive than bottled water .Many many bottled water brands on the market are simply bottled tap water.ts transportation and production relies on fossil fuels. Raw plastic must be heated before it can be injected into bottle-shaped blow molds. This heat source is often electricity or natural gas, both of which are produced by fossil fuels. The finished bottles must then be shipped out by trucks or trains, which also burn natural fossil fuels. Add to this the use of additional packaging materials such as plastic wrap and cardboard. Merely producing the bottles has a negative impact on the environment. An excess of energy and resources is used in the process of manufacturing and transporting the bottles. Even worse is its generation of solid waste- the used plastic bottles.

THIS is my half para and i couldn't find Explain what new sustainable practices of this industry.

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    tap water/reusable aluminium bottles etc.
    sometimes just use your common sense.

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    I didn't find any good solutions to the bottled water problems. Some manufacturers claim that their bottles or cardboard cartons are better for the environment, but I didn't find any very convincing arguments for them.

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