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BrO3^-(aq)+Sn^2+(aq)+ ____ -->Br^-(aq)+Sn^4+(aq)+ _____

H20(l)and H^+(aq) are involved in the reaction.

What are the coefficients of the six species in the balanced equation above? Remember to include coefficients for H2O(l) and H+(aq) in the appropriate blanks.

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    This is an oxidation reduction equation and you need to learn how to do them. There is a systematic process to go through. I can help you get started.
    Br goes from +5 on the left to -1 on the right. Sn goes from +2 on the left to +4 on the right. I am sure your text and or your notes will give the systematic approach. If not, I will try to find a set of good instructions on the web.

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