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CO(h20)6 2+ + 4Cl- <=> CoCl4 2- + 6H20

What would AgNO3 do when added to this?

What is the equilibrium expression?

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    See above.

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    Because AgNO3 has nitrate in it, and nitrate is ALWAYS soluable, the AgNO3 dissociates 100%, which means that in the solution there are Ag+ and NO3- ions.
    When added to this equation, the Ag+ ions and Cl- ions will react using up some of the Cl- ions in the reactants side, thus the shift will be to the left to make up for any used Cl- ions that reacted.
    The equilibrium expression is always the concentration of products divided by concentration of reactants.
    Thus Kc=[CoCl4][H2O]/[Co(H2O)6+2][Cl-]

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