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Determine the boiling point elevation of H2O in the following solution

a 2.5 m solution of C6H12O6 in H2O

All i need is the formulas because i don't know how to solve it
Thank you

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    moles = grams/molar mass.
    Calculate moles C6H12O6.

    m = moles/kg solvent.
    Calculate m of the solution.

    Delta T = kb*m
    Calculate delta T.

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    O.o where do i get the grams from m=grams/molar mass?

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    You don't and you don't need that step or the next one. I just included them because most problems require the three steps. In this case, you already have molality given so you already have the first two. Just substitute into the third step, delta T = Kb*m.

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    thank you

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