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1) The major disadvantage to backing up your data on CDs or DVDs is that they are _____
a) not writable b) slow c) volatile

2) A virus that infects an application program is known as a _____.
a)a boot sector virus b) Trojan horse c) file virus.

On #!, I don't think that CDs and DVDs are volatile since they are permanent - unlike a program or Word file. but I didn't think that they were particularly slow - but I guess they would be slower than, say a flash drive? As far as writable, aren't there writable CDs and DVDs? So is the answer b) slow?

On #2, I know that a file virus can affect applications such as Word and Excel. A boot sector virus affects the boot sector of the start up drive, but I also read that it can affect pirating applications. Also from what I read, it would seem that a Trojan Horse could affect application programs as well, although not as readily. Now I'm really confused. Any help is greatly appreciated. :-)

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