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college fundamentals of manageral economics

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Evidenced by the recently reported quarterly growth the US economy seems to be on its way out of the most sever recession since the Great Depression. The unemployment picture however remains rather bleak. Still over 14 million Americans are without jobs. The US economic conditions have had significant impacts on the economies all around the world. While adopting some corrective measures themselves, many countries look to US to take a lead in getting the global back on track.

In addition to a $790 billion stimulus package about half of which has been spent, the congress is the process of passing a "jobs" bill that is supposed to create jobs more directly.

As a business manager/owner how would you evaluate these remedial government policies and their impacts on your business? What kind of strategy would you adopt to prepare your business for a possibly long period of slow economic growth, while positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities that might arise as a result of some of these government programs?

  • college fundamentals of manageral economics -

    A lot of businesses are using contract or temporary workers who only work on specific projects. A good field to explore is one that supplies tools and goods to the companies that are involved in governmental programs.

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