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I need a opening line which will grab my reader's attention right away.

Here are some examples:
*"I was on fire"
*"Everybody lies. cops lie. laywers lie. witnesses lie. victims lie."

I can't think of anything. Any suggestions?

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    Although I have no idea about what you're writing -- those examples are certainly attention grabbers.

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    Yeah, these are just examples. I am not writing anything. Teacher is just making us do this for fun. I can't think of any great opening lines from the top of my head, I seriously, really need help.

    I want to create lines which will grab my reader's attention, and make them just stick to it. I already looked everywhere on the internet, and I'm still unable to think. I came up with a good one yesterday, but I toally forgot how it went, :-(

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    These ones are pretty lame, but how are they "I killed her" Or "Your times up""Ghosts exist"

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    This one is a good example as well: "By the time you read this, I hope to be dead."

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    Yep. All of those are good. But, it's difficult for me to come up with an attention grabber without having a subject.

    The classic no-no for a beginning is "It was a dark and gloomy night . . ."

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    You might like some of these sites:



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    thanks, I like that one, it is good, how about if I give you the topic of aliens, and or something creepy/funny.

    Here is an example of a funny one: Coraline discovered the door a little while after they moved into the house.

    A creepy opening line would be good, but mainly I think that funny opening lines amuse peopple more, and catch better attention. I am trying to think of a funny one.

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