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The first row of a concert hall has 25 seats and each row after the first has one more seat than the row before it. There are 2 rows of seat. 1)Write a rule for the number of seats in the nth row.
2)35 students from a class want to sit in the same row. How close to the front can they sit?

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    The statement, "There are 2 rows of seat" , is confusing.

    Is there a front row of 25, then an aisle, and another 25 seats for the entire first row ???

    Please be more specific.
    Once that is cleared it looks like a simple arithmetic sequence question
    a = 25
    d = 1

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    Sorry...there are 32 rows of seats

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    Now it is very easy

    tn = a+(n-1)d
    = 25 + (n-1)(1)
    = 24 + n

    so which row comes closest to 35 ?

    The 35 students can sit all in row 11

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    Thanks! I knew it was row 11 but didn't know how to write a formula to prove it...

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