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2KClO3 --> 2KCl + 3O2

What mass of O2 can be made from heating 125 g of KClO3?

I know that the answer is 49 g O2 but I keep getting a completely different answer, can anyone show me what I'm doing wrong?
Please & Thank you

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    If you will post your work I will find your error.

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    125g KClO3 x (2 mol KClO3/ 122.49g KClO3) = 2.04 mol KClO3

    2.04 mol KClO3 x (3 mol O2/1 mol KClO3) =6.12 mol O2

    6.12 mol O2 x(31.98g O2/1 mol O2) = 195.71 g O2

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    See my response to your later post.

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