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Elsie is starting a recycling club at her school and hopes to use the money earned from recycling cans to buy recycling bins for the school.

Elsie first needs to figure out how much the cans that can be collected at her school will weigh, so she starts by weighing the cans in her recycling bin at home. She finds that 50 cans weigh 0.77 kg. The next day, Elsie counts cans at school and finds that her fellow students throw away 1240 cans each day.

In order to buy recycling bins for her school, Elsie plans to collect empty aluminum cans in big plastic bags and drive them to a local recycling center. Elsie wants to figure out how many days she will need to use plastic bags before she can buy the recycling bins.

a. The recycling center pays 25 cents per kg for aluminum cans. If her school recycles 2070 cans each day, how much money will Elsie earn each day by recycling?

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    The drama club has 41 members. There are 9 more girls than boys. How many boys are in the club?

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    16 boys

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