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A 1 L flask is filled with 1.40 g of argon at 25 degrees celcius. A sample of ethane vapor is added to the same flask until the total pressure is 1.00 atm.

Whatis the total pressure of Argon in the flask ?

What is the partial pressure of ethane in the flask?

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    Use PV = nRT to calculate the pressure of Ar in the flask at the beginning.
    Then total pressure = partial pressure Ar + partial pressure ethane.

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    Please, can you give the answer???

    i want to double check

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    the partial pressure of Argon is .888 atm

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    1. PV=nRT
    =0.856 atm

    2.Ptotal = Par + Pethane
    Pethane= 1.00atm-0.856atm
    = 0.144atm

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