5th Grade Word Study

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What is the difference between VCV Different and VCV?
Give me some examples!
I need to finish it by 8:00 PM! Please answer my question. Thank you!

  • 5th Grade Word Study -

    So far don't you get it no one understands.

    Listen to me, go to school early or in recess look for your teacher and ask her and tell her you don't understand the person you CAN ask is your teacher who gave you this homework.

  • 5th Grade Word Study -

    What in the world do VCV and VCV Different mean? I've never heard those terms.

  • 5th Grade Word Study -


  • 5th Grade Word Study -

    It means vowel consonant vowel

  • 5th Grade Word Study -

    vowel, consonant, vowel

  • 5th Grade Word Study -


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