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Need some ideas and suggestions.How can I explain to the learners of English as a foreign language (4th grade, 4th year of learning) the following two things:
1.They have a picture of a traffic in the street in their books. First they are repeating the names of the vehicles and buildings and then I should introduce to them the structures There is and There are. There are 2 examples in the book:
There is a theater and
There are five cars. Should I just say that we use There is with singular and There are with plural?Any ideas?

2. I also need to introduce CAN and MUST.First they are listening to the tape.I have 2 sentences in the book relating to the text:
Can Tina go? and
Must she wait?
Should I just explain to them the meaning of the two verbs in their mother tongue or?Any ideas suggestions are more than welcome!

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    Heere are some ESL ideas for verbs:


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    Didn't find anything :/ Well thank you anyway. I'll figure out something

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    Use examples from the room... There is one map on the wall. There are two pictures. Then have them find things they can use there are and there is... in the room. There is one nose on my face. There are two eyes. When working with that age, stay practical and find some humor...

    For "Can" and "Must"... explain that Can mean able to do it. I can write, I can dance, I can count to ten.

    Must means "have to" I must do my homework, I must obey my teacher<G> I must tell the truth. Then let them think of things they can do....and give an example of doing it.

    Then tell them they MUST stand on one foot....and smile.

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    Yes that is it! :)
    Ok one more question since you have given me great ideas!
    I also need to introduce to them
    between opposite next to on the left on the right. I will have some pictures of the vehicles and buildings on the board. But how can I introduce those prepositions?What should be my first sentence? Should I just take 3 pictures and say The church is between the theater and the museum and so on? Something is missing :/

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    It sounds as if you need to explore this website:

    For example, here is an amazing list of ideas you can use for classroom teaching:

    Then if you look for Stuff for Students (either at the top or at the left of the webpage), you'll find even more, including a whole section on Grammar Lessons.

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    Use real stuff and people.

    Move things "next to", have them stand on the left of their desk, on the right of you. <G>

    Think "real time".

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