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Create a 750-1,050 word survival guide that will serve a a resource throughout your program. Your guide should be formatted as a paper.

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    What kind of HELP do you need? You need to be specific when asking questions here.

    If all you do is post your entire assignment, nothing will happen since no one here will do your work for you. But if you are specific about what you don't understand about the assignment or exactly what help you need, someone might be able to assist you.

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    I hate coming here because the people that are helping students have a bad online tone. please use a good online tone when writing students . thanks

  • Final Project -

    What format should the student survival guide. essay form or bulleted

  • Final Project -

    The IT department is implementing a new CRM solution in its corporate offices. The hardware currently in use is out of date and will not support the CRM application. The hardware must be replaced prior to deployment.
    Resource: Ch. 11 of Essentials of Management Information Systems
    Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper that addresses the following:
    „h How do the five major variables of project management¡Xscope, time, cost, quality, and risk¡Xrelate to this scenario?
    „h What considerations must be applied when selecting projects that deliver the best business value?
    „h What factors that influence project risk? What strategies would you recommend for minimizing this project¡¦s risks?

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