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I don't have much time to turn this in.
I think I got all the questions right, but I just want to be sure. I would appreciate some feedback! Thank you!

1. What is the formula for calculating the length of the diagonal of a right rectangular prism on the basis of the prism�s length, width, and height? (Points: 5)
Option A: treqw
Option B: das4d5
Option C: zxz5
Option D: zxxZxxZxZ

2. Find the surface area of the triangular prism.

(two right triangles, a= 3cm, b=4 cm, the depth is 6 cm)

(Points: 5)
x 72 cm2
84 cm2
96 cm2
114 cm2

3. Find the volume of the triangular prism.

(same triangle as above)

(Points: 5)
x 36 cm3
48 cm3
72 cm3
84 cm3

5. What is the distance between (8, -3, 4) and (6, -4, 1)? (Points: 5)
x Option A: sqrt14
Option B: sqrt30
Option C:sqrt62
Option D: sqrt78

7. Which statement is true of every plane in three-dimensional space? (Points: 5)
Every plane must have three intercepts.
x A plane can have only one intercept.
Every plane must have at least two intercepts.
A plane can have no intercepts.

8. What is the total number of edges of an octagonal prism? (Points: 5)



x 24

10. The endpoints of a line segment are at the coordinates (-6, 3, 4) and (4, -1, 2). What is the midpoint of the segment? (Points: 5)
(-10, -2, 2)
(-5, -1, 1)
(-2, 2, 6)
x (-1, 1, 3)

please hurry!

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    We are not going to take tests or do homework for you. If you are in a hurry, that is your fault. Please show your work if you want to have us verify and/or correct your thought process.

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