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You have to pay the maintenance fee every month for 50,000 won. You should also pay the gas fee. If you use a lot of gas, you have to pay more money. You have to pay the electricity fee as well. You have to put waste into a waste plastic bag. However, the items which can be recycled should be into a recyclable plastic bag. Outside, you can find recyclable plastic bags, so you should put recyclable items into each recyclable plastic bag according to its kind.
You have to write down the 4 digit number of the gas meter on the sheet of paper on the wall leftside of the entrance door. The receips of the electricity bill and the gas bill will be delivered monthly. So according to the notice, you have to pay the bills.
If you break the things down, you have to pay for them:a TV, a prop for the TV, a fridge, an air conditioner, a gas stove, a washing machine, a bed, a table ,chairs, a computer desk, a fire extinguisher, a gas boiler, laminated paper.

(Would you check the expressions? correct errors, please.)

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    should be into a recyclable plastic = either should be in a recyclable...OR should be put into a recyclable...


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