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I forgot to include the following statements.

1) He decided to raise a tempest in order to make them been shipwrecked (??)make them be shipwrecked?

2) The island had been put under a spell by the witch Sykorax,who locked up some spirits in bodies (??) of trees.
3) Prospero forgives them and tells Antonio that Ferdinand and Miranda were going to get married and that he was going to be the Duke of Milan. (he was going to take possession of his lost dukedom.)
4) Prospero seeks revenge because he was deposed by his brother and set adrift.
5)What have they bought yet?
6) He is desperate because he thinks his son drowned (can you also say: had drowned
7) I went into the garden and sat on the grass.

  • English -

    1. make them be...

    2. in trunks of trees?

    6. had drowned - yes, implying a prior event to something else


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