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Ive made a fair deal of bad decisions in my life. In the past five years I have skipped countless days in school, been on probation, and seen a good amount of time behind bars. With that being said the worst decision I've mad by far is dropping out of school. I dropped out of school about two years ago. I was really frustrated at the time because I understood the work but still got bad grades. After a while I began to feel that staying in school was hopeless. The thing that finally made me quit was my report card. I had all D's and F's . for me that was my wake up call. I left school that day and never went back. My original plan was to get a job and get my own apartment. Unfortunately, thing didn't work out quite that way. After about eight months of searching for a job I began to see a pattern. Every single job that I applied for required that I either be in high school or have a high school diploma or GED. That's when I realized how important an education was.

The thought of going back to high school something that I dreaded. The last thing I wanted was to go back to my old high school. It was around that time that I began looking into GED programs. It was also around that time that I realized how much of a dead lock I was in. there were only two GED programs in my area. Both of them required that all applicants must be at least eighteen years of age. There were no exceptions. My choices were to either wait a whole year until I turned 18 or go back to high school. I did not want to waist any more time doing nothing so I decided to go back to where it all started: Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

About three days before I was due back in school my mom called from Atlanta, Georgia with some great news. She had found out about a program call Job Corps. She gave me the website and told me to look it up. Past experiences with GED programs made me more than a little skeptic. I still looked it up though. Turns out, job corps was more than just a GED program. It was a job training program. Job Corps offered high school diplomas, GED's, and trades in many fields. Best of all I actually met the age requirements which was a miracle to me. After speaking with my mom for a while we decided it would be best if I went to a job corps center in Georgia. I packed up my cloths and the next day I was on a greyhound bus headed to Atlanta.

Gaining admissions into job corps was a long process but in the end it was well worth it. It all started when I called the outreach and admissions center on Cleveland Avenue. I gave them some basic information and had an appointment set up to meet an admissions counselor. At the outreach and admissions office I had the chance to learn more about the program. I met with my counselor about three more times before I had the chance to choose which job corps center I would like to attend. My original choice was the Turner center because it had a trade in desktop publishing. I was put on a six week waiting list. About four weeks after being put on the list my counselor called and told me that I would have to wait another 2 months because the center was full. Fortunately there were two other centers that were accepting applicants. Those centers were the Atlanta job corps center and the Brunswick job corps center. I chose the Atlanta job corps center because it was close to home and it had a trade similar to the one I wanted to go into. Two weeks passed before I finally got the call from the Atlanta job corps center telling me to come in. on my first day of school i was ushered into a room with about 30 other students. As we took our seats there was only one thing on my mind. i was back in school. on that day i made a promise to my self that i would not leave job corps without my high school diploma.

seven months have passed since that first day.

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    So what happened in the last seven months?

    We could help you better if we knew just what your assignment for this essay is.

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    all i need to know is how to transition from the last paragraph to a new paragraph. if you noticed the essay is in cronlogical order. for the next paragraph i wanted to write about things that are currently happening and things that have been done in the past seven months. i know what i want to write but i don't know how to transition the paragraph from the past to the present.

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    In conclusion, ...

    Today, ...

    At this point in my life, ...

    There are many others. Go through the chart on this webpage (scroll down):
    You may find additional transition words/phrases that will work well.

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