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Can you tell me which of the following statements are correct? Thank you very much.

1) For my main course I'd like grilled chicken breast (and not a grilled chickne breast) with boiled potatoes and peas.
2)For my starter I'll have a soup of the day and for my dessert (a) home-baked blueberry pie.
3) Would you like turkey with artichokes or lamb with asparagus for you main course?
4) Anything to drink? Yes, I'd like a glass of sparkling water and a grapefruit juice (or some grapefruit juice)
5) Mickey was very rude. He poured the milk shake over Jason.
6) Who dropped the milk shake on the floor?
7) When preparing your project work on an English speaking person, refer to authentic sources and then try to summarise them in your own words. (Try not to copy them word by word.)
8) He drove through the intersection at top speed and failed to stop at a police block.

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    Ditch all the wording in parentheses.

    #2 -- you want "a piece of ... pie" -- unless you really DO want the entire pie!

    #3 -- "for your main course?

    #4 -- "a glass of grapefruit juice"

    #5 & 6 -- "milkshake" (one word)

    #7 -- doesn't make sense -- "preparing your project work on an English speaking person" = ??

    #7 also -- get rid of the "try to" phrasing. That always gives someone an out! If you want the other person to summarize, then say "summarize" -- if you want the person not to copy, then say "do not copy..."

    #8 -- fine

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