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What are the names of the first 3 English settlements?

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    This doesn't help at all MS.SUE

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    The names of the first three colonies is in the website I posted for you. Did you read it carefully?

    Also, are you looking for permanent settlements or temporary settlements. For instance the first settlement was in 1585 in North Carolina, but it didn't last long. The first permanent settlement was in 1607 at Jamestown in Virginia.

    How about your book? Does it help you?

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    No I need the names of the settlements.
    I have
    1. Plymtoh
    2. Roanoke
    I only need 3 too.

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    That isn't a settlement that is a city duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. MS.SUE u r dumb

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    I am waiting....

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    how do u learn eeverything you need to no about 5th grade social studies in an hour

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    Do i know?
    No, I don't!
    I bet my bulldoser Knows!

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    thats right! My bulldoser talks!

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