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Suggest methods for evaluating the lesson’s objective

what makes a lesson plan effective

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    The lesson's objective be part of the curriculum's objectives for this subject and grade. Most teachers go beyond the bare minimum of the district or state goals to sometimes add extras. For instance, one of my popular lessons for 7th grade geography was to show them the Cyrillic alphabet and the class's names written in this alphabet. Broadly it helped the students understand Russia and a different alphabet. It also excited them because young teens usually like writing in what they see as a type of code.

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    how does this sound?

    A lesson plan is effective if you determine the curriculm. We have to ask ourself what do you want the students to learn from this lesson. Is this lesson going to be fun and not boring? The lesson plan should explain what is needed for each lesson like supplies. You should also follow what you have already have planned but, you may also add to your lesson plan if it needs to be done.

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    The word "determine" in the first sentence isn't right. How about -- . . .if it meets curriculum standards.

    You may also include some of the information from the site I posted.

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