Ice Hockey

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what = it is a team sport played on ice
who = people from all over the world come to play this sport
when = it is played in winter. it was staged at the olympics since 1920
where = it is played in areas that are really cold such as canada, the u.s, etc.
why = it is played because it is really popular
how = it is played by a stick on ice

i extremely need help

  • Ice Hockey -

    Looks good. What is your specific assignment?

  • Ice Hockey -

    have to pick a sport and write about it. i have to put this in paragraph form now. may i post the paragraph here?

  • Ice Hockey -

    is that info good for a high school level?

  • Ice Hockey -

    Yes. Please post your paragraph here. Are you only supposed to write one paragraph?

  • Ice Hockey -

    one good paragraph on a sport which we know a little bit about. could you also look over at it and correct any stuff. i kind of want it to have hard words in it-high level paragraph.

    Ice hockey has been stages at the Olympics since 1920. It is Canada's national game and a significant addition to world sport. it is played seriously by men and women in 20 countries. Ice hockey is a fast-paced, antipathetic sport in which two teams of six players compete to push a hard rubber puck into the opposing team's goal for a score. Players use their sticks or feet to move the puck across the ice. A goalie protects his/her team's goal. The teams can be men's, women's, or co'ed. There are lots of of skills needed for this sport. You have to be flexible, strong, have a good coordination, and hava a good balance. The fitness factor fo this game is high. You have to be wearing all your hockey gear before you can play.

  • Ice Hockey -

    i meant staged

  • Ice Hockey -

    This is very good.

    But, I suggest you find a better word than "antipathetic." I'm not sure what you intended here.

  • Ice Hockey -

    how about repulsive? i want to say that it's a very like game with angerness involved, fights can happen

  • Ice Hockey -

    this is pretty good, but some things are spelt wrong. Thank you for this, since i missed a class of p.e. my teacher wants a paragraph. Haha.

  • Ice Hockey -

    i think it was really good just try to fix that one were you type hava instead of have a, but other than that it was really good.

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