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British Literature

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Hello, would anyone be willing to check my answers to the following questions?

1. Identify the poetic element used in the following lines from Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem "Ode to the West Wind." The phrase "Thou who didst waken from his summer dreams/The blue Mediterranean, where he lay" has an example of (A) alliteration (B) parallelism (C) internal rhyme (D) personification

2. Identify the device used in the following line from Anna Letitia Barbauld's poem "The Mouse's Petition to Dr. Priestly." The phrase "O hear a pensive prisoner's prayer" has an example of (A) an allusion (B) parallelism (C) alliteration (D) internal rhyme

3. Identify the poetic element used in the following line from John Keats's "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer." The phrase "That deep-brow'd Homer ..." has an example of (A) personification (B) an allusion (C) repetition (D) anaphora

My answers to the above questions are

1. D
2. D
3. B

Thanks in advance.

  • British Literature -

    I agree with your answers for 1 and 3.

    2 is incorrect.

  • British Literature -

    yeah 1 & 3 are correct. 2 is alliteration whitch means you repeat a letter in words close together

    like-pretty palace painting

  • British Literature -

    i got 1/5 because of u!

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