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Can you please tell me if the following statements are correct. In particular, if the ones in parentheses are also possible? Thank you.

1)The old king Hamlet is linked with (associated with) beauty and justice, whereas Claudius is linked with a filthy envoronment, with corruption and disease.
2)Through his soliloquies Hamlet manages to establish a closer relationship with the audience. (Hamlet makes use of soliloquies to establish a closer..)
3)The universe was conceived in the forms of a chain where God was at the top. If someone broke the chain, they (or he?) would be punished and eventually (?) order would be restored.
4)Brutus and Antony are two main characters of the Shakespearian play Julius Caesar.
5)Try to write short sentences using punctuation and linking devices correctly. Avoid writing disconnected or run-on sentences.
6)Brutus stands for the republic (or the republican ideals) though he is not sure that killing Caear is the right thing to do. (or that it is right to kill Caesar, he is doing the right thing in killing Caesar?).
7)You included many ideas and details without attempting to join (link) them together in a coherent paragraph.
8)Brutus is full of doubts about the conspiracy. For this reason, many critics believe that Brutus is a preparatory sketch for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
9)Thanks to his rhetoric, he succeeds in stirring the crowd up against Brutus.

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    1, 2, 6, and 7 -- dump the wording in parentheses

    3 -- he

    The others are fine.

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