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I need to sketch a 45 deg - 45 deg - 90 deg triangle and indicate the lengths of each side assuming the hypotenuse is = to 1 meter

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    This not about physics.

    Use graph paper or an straight-edge with a right angle corner to draw two lines at right angles meeting at a point. Make the two lines of equal length. Draw the hypotentuse between the other two ends of the lines. If you choose a scale that calls the hypotenuse length 1 meter, the two equal sides will have a length of 0.707 meters. 1/(sqrt2)

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    In the figure, charge = 2.1 × is placed at the origin and charge is placed on the -axis, at = -0.20 m. Where along the -axis can a third charge be placed such that the resultant force on this third charge is zero?

    Express your answer using two significant figures.

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