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Select all cases where the substance shown has a molecular dipole.

CH4 methane
CH3CH2CH2CH3 butane

ICl iodine chloride
H2Se hydrogen selenide

CH3CHO acetaldehyde
CH3OCH2CH3 methylethylether

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    To determine if/not dipole, you need two pieces of information.
    1. Does the central atom and the atoms attached have a difference in electronegativity? If no, definitely not. If yes, it MAY (or may not) have a dipole moment for the molecule.
    2. Is the molecule symmetrical in three dimensions. If symmetrical, no dipole; if unsymmetrical, yes a dipole moment for the molecule.

    CH4. Is symmetrical. No dipole moment.
    Butane. symmetrical. no dipole moment for the molecule.
    ICl. Difference in EN. Must be polar. Must have be a dipole.
    H2Se. Difference in EN. Molecule in not symmetrical. Has a dipole moment.
    I'll leave the other for you.

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