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When would you use:
Jim and I
Jim and me?
Can you give me some examples...and maybe a website. Thank you.

  • English-Grammar -

    'I' is always used in the subject or predicate nominative position.
    I like ice cream. Jim and I like ice cream.

    'Me' is always used in the object position, direct object, indirect object, object of a preposition.

    Mom called me. Mom called Jim and me.
    direct object.
    Mom gave me ice cream. Mom gave Jim and me ice cream (indirect objects)
    Mom gave ice cream to me.
    Mom gave ice cream to Jim and me.
    (object of preposition)

  • English-Grammar -

    I is a subject pronoun.


    Jim and I went to the movies.
    The best players are Jim and I.

    In the second sentence, "Jim and I" are subject compliments because they mean the same as the subject, "players."

    Me is an object pronoun, used as a direct object, indirect object, or object of a preposition.


    Please give Jim and me half the pizza. (indirect object)

    Did you see Jim and me? (direct object)

    Jose lives near Jim and me. (object of preposition.

    An easy way to know when to use I and me is to remove the other name. You wouldn't say,
    Me went to the movies.
    Give I half the pizza.
    Did you see I?
    Jose lives near I.

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