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1. Write the expression as a function of an acute angle whose measure is less than 45.

a. sin 80
b. sin (-100)

To find the postive acute angle, usually you would subtract 360 from the given measure. Would you have to subtract 45 from the given measure.

2. Points A (1,0) and B (.6,-.8) are points on a unit circle O. If the measure of angle AOB = 0 {w/ a line in the middle}

a. sin 0
b. cos 0
c. tan 0

But for the second question, I'm confused but I know x is always cos and y is always sin. I don't know how to use that to find sin 0 and etc.

Now thinking about it, should i use the distance formula for both of these two coordinates. I'm a little confused about this.

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    I really need help on this. Its just two problems I have. I'm extremely confused on only these two problems. I would appreciate it a lot if someone can help me. This would be the last time I ask help for math. Thanks a lot.

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