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I'm not sure how to answer this question....

Assume that magnesium would act atom-for-atom exactly the same as copper in this experiment. How many grams of magnesium would, have been used in the reaction if one gram of silver were produced? The atomic mass of magnesium is 24.31 g/mol.

Thank you for any help and direction!!!

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    I assume this question is based on something you've had previously. My guess is that what you didn't post is
    Cu + 2Ag^+ ==> 2Ag + Cu^+2

    So if we substitute Mg for Cu, then
    1 g Ag is produced. moles Ag = 1/atomic mass Ag or about 1/108 = 0.0093 (you look up the numbers and do it more accuately).
    2 moles Ag would have been created from 1 mole of Mg; therefore, moles Mg you must have started with would be 0.0093/2 = ?? moles Mg. Then convert ?? moles Mg to grams.
    grams = moles x molar mass.

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