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Can you check these sentences, please?
In particular, let me know if the words occurring before the parentheses are OK.
1) Jane Austen disapproves of relationships based only on wealth or on sudden violent passions.According to her, a good marriage should be based on calm judgement and mutual understanding.
2) Elizabeth and Darcy achieve mutual admiration after stripping away misunderstanding (s?)and prejudices.
3) Their marriage is rational and secure because it is hard-won.
4) In contrast (?), Charlotte is ready to settle down for financial security. (She married money when she decided to get married to Mr Collins/ or to bind herself to Mr Collins?)
5)At Jane Austen's time women were expected to be submissive and incapable of independent thought. Their education was inferior to that of their male counterparts.(contemporaries).
6)Elizabeth stands apart from her sisters since she refuses to take on the role which society impose (plural?) on her. She is reluctant to place marriage at the centre of ambition (of her ambitions?) with a total disregard for feelings (?).
7) She belongs to the landed gentry and Darcy believes that he would be lowering himself by marrying her. At Jane Austen's time people tended not to cross lines for marriage.

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    they seem good to me

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