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1.) A vapor volume of 1.17 L forms when a sample of liquid CH3CN absorbs 1.00 KJ of heat at its normal boiling point (81.1 C and 1 atm). What is the heat of vaporization in KJ per moles of CH3CN?

2.) The vapor pressure of water at 25 C is 23.76 torr. If a 1.25 g sample of H20 is sealed into an evacuated 1.5 L container, will any liquid be present? If so, what mass of liquid.

For these questions, please describe the steps necessary to complete them. Answers are not necessary.

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    1) Convert 1.17 L to moles using the ideal gas law at the boiling point T and 1 atm.
    n = PV/RT
    Divide the absorbed heat by that number of moles, n.

    2) Compute tha mass of H2O necessary to fill the volume with 23.76 torr H2O vapor. Use the ideal gas law. If it is less than the mass of H2O present, the rest will be liquid.

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    thank you very much. my chemistry is very rusty so i need a refresher.

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