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Can you check the following sentences for me, please?
1) She was a still a young girl when she fell in love for a punk skater boy
2) She wanted him but her friends were prejudiced against him because of his baggy clothes.
3) She had a pretty face but her head was up in space (she had her head in the clouds?)
4) Now, five years later she sits at home feeding her baby alone.
5) She turns on the T.V. and sees the skater boy.
6) She calls up (?) her friends, that have already bought the tickets to see his show.
7) She decides to go there, too and see the man she refused.
8) She thought he wasn’t good enough for her but he is a superstar now and he is slamming (?synonym) on his
9) David Beckham has always wanted to be a football player.

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    1. she fell in love with...

    3. either

    8. not finished? Sorry but I do not know what you mean by "slamming"


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