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I forgot to include the following sentences. I really hope you can help me.
7) The poet makes use/employs of musical devices such as repetition, assonance and alliteration (all singular??).
8) The wind, for examples, is treated like (as?) a human being, who taps at the poet’s door like a tired man. Both the poet and the wind share the idea of weakness, tiredness.
9)He uses a metaphor when he refers to human beings as “dingy shades”.
10)What is the poem about? What message does the poet want to convey/express?
11)Can you rephrase it?
12) Can you explain the meaning of the following words and give examples of their use? Can you provide synonyms for them?

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    7) Either "makes us of" or "employs" is fine. Yes, all singular.

    8) "for example" is singular. No comma after "being". Add an "and between weakness and tirednass.

    10) I have not seen the poem. That is for you to do.
    11) Same comment
    12) No. You have provided no "following words".

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