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the currencey used in ecuador is the:
A} pero
B} sucre
C} kina
D} pula
A little help here plz lol

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    None of those is correct. This question is looking for out-of-date information.

    Check these websites.

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    one of them r definitly currect its in the text book i just copied it on to jiskha for some help.

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    sorry me and my sister leslie r askin for help in differint questions ignore the name plz

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    Your textbook is out of date. If you are paying for this class and have paid for the text, you should work on getting your money back.
    Read the first sentence.

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    Your text book is out of date. When was it published? The U.S. dollar has been the official currency of Ecuador since 2000.

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    it says according to ur dictionary does that make a difference?

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    Check the spelling of A. My guess is that it is "peso" because that USED to be the currency of Ecuador.


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