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Can you please check the following sentences for me, please?
Thank you

1) The first inhabitants of Great Britain were the Iberians. They were followed by the Celts.
2)) They were organized in tribes (or used to live in tribes?) and were skilled (a synonym? experienced, practiced, expert) at working iron.
They came from north-west Germany (or northwestern Germany?)
3) The most prominent among them were the Druids.
4)Emperor Honorius retreated his soldiers from Britain to defend Rome against the Barbarians (?)
5)Augustin was sent to convert England to Christianity (?)
6)When analysing a novel, it is important to define the setting, that is the time and place in which the action takes places

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    2. organized in tribes is better
    Any of those words -- experienced, practiced, expert are fine
    northwestern Germany

    4. Honorius retreated with his soldiers . . .

    Everything else is good.

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