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need to change all 1st and 2nd person pronouns to 3rd person pronouns for the following:

We animals are the most complicated things you will find in the known universe. The universe that we know, of course, is a tiny fragment of the actual universe. There may yet be more complicated objects than me or you on other planets, and some of them may already know about us. But this doesn’t alter the point that I want to make. Complicated things everywhere deserve a very special kind of explanation. We want to know how you or me or they came into existence and why all of us are so complicated. The explanation, as I shall argue, is likely to be broadly the same for complicated things everywhere in the universe, the same for us, chimpanzees, worms, oak trees, and monsters from outer space. On the other hand, it will not be the same for what I call “simple” things such as rocks, clouds, rivers, galaxies, and quarks. These are the stuff of physics. Chimps and dogs and bats and cockroaches and dandelions and bacteria and galactic aliens and you are the stuff of biology.

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    Revise so there are no instances of any of these pronouns:

    my, mine
    our, ours

    your, yours

    Re-post when you've redone the paragraph and we'll be happy to check it for you.

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