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Ms. Sue, you know the paragraph I did yesterday right, well I just want to change the the starting/introduction. I want to make it sound more interesting. I don't know if what I wrote makes sense(in the beginning) Could you show me another way to put it interesting. Your help will be appreciated, thanks

Childhood, childhood, childhood, is something I can never forget. I got to know really nice people back then, but not someone as special as Kayla. Kayla was my best friend during childhood. We met each other in grade 3 and started hanging out. We were both the same size, tall and thin. Kayla had hazel eyes, and had long, dark brown hair, which she always kept loose. She was very different from everyone, she was very unique. She wore colourful clothes all the time. She was always supportive, cheerful, gentle and happy. We did everything with each other. We played together, partnered up, and had a very close relationship. We were almost like sisters. The main difference between her and me was that she was very loud and I was very quiet. She had a high-pitched voice. I still have a low pitched-voice. Kayla would usually show off a lot, especially infront of guys she liked. She liked a lot of boys, while I didn't really like boys then. I was pretty shy and stayed away from crowds. Kayla and I were really scared of spiders, we would freak out whenever we would see them. We both loved chocolate iceream and strawberry milkshake. We were both very organized and always did our homework. We stood up for each other as well. I didn't know what a best friend was until I met her.

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    I like it. :-)

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    thanks :-)

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