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We are working on descriptive writing and right now I have to do a whole description on a Old House.

Sounds: Screams

Touch: slimy doorknob
sticky path
dusty windows

Sights: broken steps
Spider webs on door
damaged rooftop

Colours: Brown door
grey pathway
Blue sky

Comparisons: The damaged rooftop looks like an exploded volcano?

Could you please add a few more to each list; I really need help with the comparisons. Also, is there more to descriptive writing other than these senses, and comparisons.

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    You have an excellent start, Sara.


    Velvet drapes
    Splintered wood

    Cracked window
    Faded wallpaper

    Pink stove
    Black mold

    Stale air
    Stale tobacco

    Once proud as a courtesan; now dejected as a prostitute
    Laughter of children now replaced by the sighs of their ghosts
    My grandmother's pride; my mother's home; my albatross

    This site may give you more ideas about descriptive writing.


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    Thank you Ms. Sue, you are very supportive :-)

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    You're very welcome, Sara.

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