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Graph the solution:


This is my thought process in this:

The first equation I can solve for y since we don't have to worry what x is. And I get y>3x-7.

The second one, however, y is being multiplied by 5, so I can't just divide by 5 on both sides because I don't know if the value of y will be positive or negative (and then I'll have to switch the sign).

...So I don't know about the second equation. Help please?

Thank you!

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    5 y > -x -3

    y > -x/5 -3/5

    You divided by a positive number, so there is no reason to reverse the direction of the arrow. Now graph that line and shade above it.

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    5y ≥ -x - 3
    but you are dividing by 5, so you don't have to worry about the inequality sign.
    y ≥ -x/5 - 3/5

    Now in each case, the equation becomes the boundary.
    So for the first one, draw a dotted line, and shade in everything above that line.
    For the second, draw a dotted line and shade in everything above that line.

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