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Can you please tell me which is the best word choice in each sentence?
Thank you in advance for your invaluable help!!

1.My friends gave me jewels (?) as Christmas presents.
2.On the following (or the next?) day I took the dog for a walk or for walks. I made a lot of presents to or for my family.(?)
3.I spent the rest of my holidays playing on my computer or playing my new guitar.
4.I checked the fair copy. There is no point in checking your first draft.
5.I took off half a point for each grammar or lexical (?) mistake you made. In order to get a “pass” you’ll have to do 2/3 of the exercises correctly.
6.I waited the midnight at home. I didn’t go to the midnight mass. I looked at the or I saw (?) the fireworks from our hotel room
7.On New Year’s Day I spent the whole morning (is it wrong to say all the morning) at home
8.On Epiphany I finished my homework and my holidays were finished, too.
9.My aunt cooked Christmas lunch for us. For starters, she gave us ham with melon and then prawn cocktail with mayonnaise.
10.On Christmas morning: better In the morning of Christmas Day I went… Or On Christmas Day in the morning. (?) I went for a walk along the seashore (OR by the sea)???
11.On Epiphany Eve I hung a sock on the fire place and the next day I found a lot of sweets in it. (I found it full of sweets)
12.I went to eat at the restaurant. OR I ate at the restaurant.
13.What did you like the most OR most during or IN or ON your Christmas holidays?
14.I relaxed (OR I Rested) a lot because long and tiring school days were approaching (?)
15.I had a lot of fun during my holidays. I spent ten days in my second holiday home in the mountains. (and not in my mountain’s house), during which I went skiing and snowboarding.
16.I listened to music on earphones on my walkman. My mum cooked Christmas lunch all day long
17.In the evening of New Year’s Eve I went with my mum to St Moritz to have lunch (Or we had lunch there)
18.In St Moritz there were many cross-country trails. I met two twins, with whom I had gone sailing in the summer (?)

  • English -

    2. presents for

    6.I waited the midnight at home = I waited for midnight

    7. (is it wrong to say all the morning = not wrong but awkward = whole or entire

    9. prawn cocktail = lobster tails?

    15. (and not in my mountain’s house), = no, the other is far better OR my house in the mountains

    For everything else, your choice for either is fine.


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