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How could I put all these words:
1. Submit
2. Omit
3. Missionary
4. Emit
5. Remittance
6. Emissary
7. Permission
8. Transmit
9. Admit
10. Premise
in one paragraph
plz help and answer the question not just give in a tip plz

  • Ela -

    think about it you can see what they all mean and then you can see were to put them it's pretty simple think about what the paragraph is about! good luck hope i helped a little! :)

  • Ela -

    Nicole is right. You need to think about this paragraph.

    We do not DO homework, we just HELP with homework.

  • Ela -

    Ms Sue is right on. Look what I can do with just a few seconds to think about it. I submit to you that if you omit a missionary from the list that you transmit to your colleagues on the premise that ......... you get the picture. And you have a whole paragraph to get all of the words in.

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