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Describe Earth's rotation in terms of its axis and length of time to rotate.

The earth's axis slowly changes in the way it points. It changes direction over time. One effect of this precession, is the changing position of the North Celestial Pole. It takes 26 000 years to slowly trace a circle.

Please add any other information. I'm not satisfied with what I've got. Your help will be appreciated, thank you :-)

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    Here is much more information of a technical nature. Perhaps you can read and distil what you need after putting it into your own words. Don't forget to give credit for your information.

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    Earth's axis has never pointed in the same direction. It slowly traces a circle every 26 000 years. The tilt of the earth's axis isn't usually pointing straight up. It traces a circle and it tends to wobble as it spins. The angle of earth's axis is always constant. The direction in which it points slowly changes, and this is called precession. Earth takes 24 h to complete one full rotation about its axis, which is tilted 23.5.

    I've added more information, but would like to have some bits of more. I think I've answered some parts of this question, but not all. Your help will be really appreciated, many, many thanks in return :-)

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